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CON 2014: Exploring Prosopis Management and Policy Options

PENHA Regional Conference

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia November 26th to 27th 2014

Supported by: The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), University College London (UCL) and EAPDA-Ethiopia.

If Not Counted Does Not Count?

A programmatic reflection on methodology options and gaps in Total Economic Valuation studies of pastoral systems
Saverio Krätli Issue Paper June 2014
Published by IIED, Feinstein International Centre and Tufts University

PENHA's August Newsletter is available.

It contains news of PENHA's work in the Horn of Africa as well as an important interview with our Director on the 25 years of PENHA's existence and what its vision is for the future.

PENHA's Somaliland representative, Sadia Ahmed and Uganda Project Officer, Elizabeth Katushabe, are invited to the African Union consultation on Pastoralism

The previously postponed conference on Policy Dialogue Session and Capacity Building of Pastoral Groups and Networks (originally scheduled for the end of August) will commence from 14th to 16th October 2014 in Kampala, Uganda.

The Nkoma Farm Goat Project

PENHA has been importing a number of South African Boer goats to cross breed with local Ugandan goats. This produce goats with more meat which are more valuable. Women's groups are helped to with these cross breeds.

Practical resources for pastoralists in Somaliland

The Rotary Club of Grantham Kesteven donated ten boxes to PENHA Somaliland for pastoralists and agro-pastoralists - to be used by carpenters, tailors or teachers.

Walking for PENHA in the Lee Valley

PENHA's Sixth fundraising 10 km walk was in the Lee Valley in June. A group of twelve people, from PENHA and from the Brentwood United Reformed Church completed the course on a beautiful summer day. It has raised (with GiftAid) a little over £800. You can still sponsor us via

Goats in Uganda

The Spring 2014 magazine "Practical Sheep, Goats and Alpacas" ( contained a report about the large part that Goats play in Uganda and the way in which women involved.

A new PENHA baby

PENHA congratulates Tesfaldet and Yodit on the birth of their daughter, Lulia on Thursday 27th. March. A new birth is always a cause for celebration.

We look forward to her contributions in the years to come.

Family Farming in Africa – Handbook Launch

On Friday 14th March a book launch event was hosted at the IIED London of the “Family Farming in Africa – Overview of Good Agricultural Practices in Sub-Saharan Africa” authored by Sara Costa, G. Matteo Crovetto, and Stefano Bocchi of the University of Milan.