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African Partnership Workshop

The workshop aimed to address the critical issues facing pastoralists in Uganda, which are similar to those facing the millions of pastoralists in East Africa and the Horn as well as to seek ways to coordinate national and international efforts on behalf of pastoralists. PENHA being a regional NGO, sought to bring a regional perspective to efforts to promote pastoral development in Uganda. Recognizing that effective networking and co-operation regionally between all relevant actors is required in order to address the common problems of pastoralists in the Greater Horn, PENHA organized in collaboration with its local partners, the Nyabushozi Development Agency (NYDA) and the Uganda Gender Resource Centre (UGRC), a workshop held over four days from 25th to 29th November 1999 in Mbarara, Uganda. Mbarara was chosen as a venue because it is in Ankole, which together with Karamoja is one of Uganda’s principal cattlekeeping areas and has a large pastoralist and agro-pastoralist population. The workshop brought together representatives of both local and international NGOs concerned with pastoralism, Uganda government Ministers from relevant departments, Local government staff, Parliamentarians from areas with large pastoralist populations (including members of the recently formed Pastoralist Parliamentary Group) and individuals from research institutions.

International participants came from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somaliland and Sudan. Kenya Pastoralist Forum was unable to attend the workshop but contributed significantly to discussions at the planning meeting held in Kampala to prepare
the workshop.

A full report of the meeting can be downloaded here as a pdf (157kb).