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Conference on Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa

Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa: Surviving Against All Odds
September 2005, London

The conference was interdisciplinary and open to any individual interested in pastoralism in the Horn of Africa. It  aimed to encourage discussion on topics relating to pastoralism amongst practitioners, donors, NGOs, students, academic staff and members of pastoral communities, as well as anyone else with an interest in this field. The programme can be downloaded as a pdf here (280kb)

The first of two plenary lectures was by Professor Asmarom Legesse is a former Academic Vice-President of the University of Asmara, Research Director of Citizens for Peace in Eritrea, and an Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania. His subject was: Mobile Peoples and Stationary States: Hurdles and Opportunities. His powerpoint can be downloaded here (106k).

The second plenary lecture was by Dr. John Morton, Associate Research Director (Social Sciences) and Professor of Development Anthropology at the UK-based Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich. John has over 20 years experience of applied research in rural development with a particular focus on pastoralist issues. His subject was: Pastoralists and Governance: Strategies for Increasing Pastoralist Representation. His presentation can be downloaded here as a pdf (360kb)


Overgrazing: The Crux of the Pastoralist Controversy
Eric Schwennesen, M.Sc., Director, Resource Management International, Winkelman, Arizona, USA
This paper challenges the Eurocentric approach to this issue and provides an alternative definition of the term.
The full paper can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking here (85 kb).

Pastoralists, local breeds and the fight for Livestock Keepers Rights
Evelyn Mathias, Ilse Köhler-Rollefsona, and Jacob Wanyamab (League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development, Ober-Ramstadt, Germany and Vetaid, Chokwe, Mozambique) Download this paper here PDF File 71K
Eroding the Concept of Commons: A history of an idea inapplicable to natural resource management by Karamojong pastoralists
Ben Knighton (Oxford College of Mission Studies) Download this paper here (PDF File 210K)
A Cry for Life: Understanding the Risk Factors Somali Pastoral Women face In Northern Kenya
Sahro Ahmed (Leiden University) Download this report here (pdf file 206kb)
Using Radio to Provide Information and Advice to Communities Depending on Livestock in Somalia and Somaliland
Michael Brophy (Africa Educational Trust)  Download this paper here ( 22kb pdf file)
Pastoralists of northern Kenya: Education as a response to a shifting socioeconomic process
Hassan Arero (Nomad Link) Download this paper here (pdf file 35kb)
Girls and Women's Education and their Empowerment among Pastoral Societies Case Study of Eritrea
Abrehe Zemichael (University of East Anglia) Download this paper here (pdf file74kb)