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Consultancy Services

PENHA Training and Consultancy Services has extensive experience of providing trainings and consultancy services to multiple organisations including to the UN organisations, NORAD, EU, Seefar, etc. The services provided are multidisciplinary in their nature spanning a wide range of sustainable development agendas. 

PENHA consulting group has consultants who are very experienced in their field of specialisation and have been advising government and non-governmental organisation and also international organisations. The lead experts include:

Dr. Zeremariam Fre, PENHA Senior Advisor and Lecturer at the Development Planning Unit of the University College London (UCL)

Prof. Mitku Haile, Former Mekelle University Presidant and Senior Advisor to the Government of Ethiopia

John Livingstone, PENHA Regional Policy Advisor

Bereket Tsegay, PENHA Interim Director and Graduate Teaching Assistant at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

Yusuf Dirie, PENHA Research Fellow