Patron -  Joanna Lumley, OBE

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Kassala Pastoralist Education Project

Tree Seedlings as a practical teaching subject

Prosopis as Animal Feed

Animal fodder training for women in the Khashm El Ghirba region of Kassala State (2011)

Economic Empowerment of Women

This project aims to empower women in pastoralist communities who are disadvantaged and living under difficult socio-economic conditions in arid and semi-arid areas.



Annual Reports

Annual Reports and Accounts are prepared on a yearly basis. Since 2009, PENHA’s accounting year is the calendar year. These reports and accounts are available from the Charity Commission website as well as through Companies House. They can also be downloaded from this website as pdfs. Click on the...

PENHA Staff and Volunteers

PENHA has a small number of central staff and depends upon the work and expertise of a wide range of individuals. These individuals are mostly professionals who act as research assistants, consultants, administrators and/or focal points. London-based staff and volunteers

Prosopis as Animal feed

Community-based Fodder Production in Western Eritrea