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Exotic Goats for Pastoralist Women’s Groups

This programme, which started in June 2003 and continues until today, is based at Nkoma Farm, Central Uganda. PENHA has established a goat breeding centre there which enables the distribution of high quality cross-bred goats to women’s groups in several districts.

The programme was initially funded by Cordaid (the Netherlands) and since then by the Open Gate Trust supported by a number of other donors, including the Harbinson Trust, Eva Reckitt Trust, and several individuals. In addition, it benefits greatly by its location at the Nkoma Farm, generously provided by Mr. Barnabas Nuwamanya.

The main purpose of the programme is the distribution of goats to women's groups. This provides a measure of economic independence for pastoralist women. PENHA has introduced exotic goats which produce more meat and milk for cross-breeding with local goats. The goats in question have been imported from South Africa and are circulated around pastoralist women’s groups and used at the Farm for breeding purposes. In 2011, the stock stood at about 170 exotic goats (25%, 50% and 75% Boer-Mubende crosses) with four pure South African Boer goats. Over 2007 and 2008, around 300 goats were distributed to more than 30 women’s groups in the Masaka, Ssembabule, Nyabushozi and Kabale districts. The aim is to establish a breeding stock of 20 goats and two bucks per group. One buck with ten does can expect to produce a litter of 14 kids about twice a year. The kids are sold for their meat - and the crossbred kids will get up to twice the price to be expected from a local kid.

The programme includes training in both the care of goats as well as the basic business management needed to run this kind of micro-enterprise. A more detailed report of the programme and the use of the Nkoma Farm can be downloaded here as a pdf.