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The Addis Ababa Declaration on the Management and Use of Prosospis

We the participants of the IFAD funded and PENHA convened conference “Exploring Prosopis Management and Policy Options”, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, November 25-26 2014, have approved this statement.

We represent various governmental, academic, civil society and private sector actors from the Greater Horn of Africa. PENHA commends IGAD, FAO, IFAD and our Ethiopian partners for supporting this regional conference and for encouraging this important exchange of academic and applied experiences and best practices on Prosopis management.

Prosopis is an invasive tree species that has taken over large areas of farm and range land, undermining rural livelihoods.

Prosopis can be utilized positively, and profitably.

The conference heard the results of research and practice on the practical use of prosopis for construction, production of energy and animal feeds.

To this end the conference members called upon all concerned parties to take action to reverse the spread of Prosopis, to reduce its negative impacts, and to turn this threat into a useful asset.

The Declaration in English  can be downloaded here (358 kb) as a pdf.

The Declaration in Somali can be downloaded here as a pdf

The Declaration in Arabic can be downloaded here as a pdf.