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Book Chapter Published

PENHA staff Dr. Zeremariam Fre and Bereket Tsegay have contributed a chapter to the newsly published book titled as 'PUTTING KNOWLEDGE TO WORK: From Knowledge Transfer to Knowledge Exchange'. The book is published by the African World Press. 

CHAPTER 8. Economic Contribution of Pastoral and Agro Pastoral Production to Food Security and Livelihoods Systems in Africa: The Case of Eastern Sudan, Eritrea and Western Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa 
Chapter summary taken from the book Introduction:
'Zeremariam Fre and Bereket Tsegay discuss a broad context to the current status of pastoralism and agro-pastoralism in the Horn of Africa from a food security and smallholder livelihoods perspectives. They argue that the significant contribution pastoral and agro pastoral livestock producers make to domestic, national and regional food security is often misrepresented and such contribution to food security is regularly unappreciated by policy makers at State level. They further argue that such an attitude is reflected in national and regional government policy perspectives which often do not apportion adequate financial and human resources to help the sector develop to its fullest potential'.