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Control and utilization of Prosopis juliflora: Ideas into action

PENHA in collaboration with partners held a workshop titled as 'Control and utilization of Prosopis juliflora: Ideas into action' in Mansoor Hotel, Hargeisa, Somaliland on 29 May 2016. A brief report follows.

The latest in a series of events took place on 29 May, aiming to develop a new and ‘free’ rural resource from the widely disliked and invasive prosopis (garaanwa) tree. PENHA-Somaliland (the Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa) and MoERD (the Somaliland Ministry of the Environment and Rural Development), co-organized a workshop on the control and positive use of prosopis. The Minister called upon the 40 participants to advise on policies and programs. Alongside expertise from Dr Abdalla Gafar of the Somaliland Development Fund, FAO and others, much new insight was provided by Mr Nick Pasiecznik, a senior PENHA associate and leading international expert with many years experience working with prosopis. During the discussion, identified priorities included: establishing a task force that could suggest and promote prosopis use, developing charcoal as a resource; seed destruction as a means of control; mapping prosopis spread, and raising awareness and understanding of how prosopis can be profitably utilized. A workshop summary, a report and an info-brief are now available below.

Further information is available on PENHA’s website,, or by contacting Ms Amsale Shibeshi (, Mr John Livingstone ( and Nick Pasiecznik  (

Workshop Documents

PENHA Mansoor May prosopis workshop report - FINAL.pdf

PENHA Mansoor May prosopis workshop report - SUMMARY FINAL(1).pdf

Somaliland prosopis info-brief - FINAL.pdf

Click the link to watch the video posted on the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development website under the title of Geedka Garanwaaga oo laga sameeyey Khudrad iyo Buskud