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Cyclone Sagar Impact and Needs Assessment Report Published

Recently the Horn of Africa was hit by the Tropical Cyclone Sagar disaster which adversely affected the livelihoods of thousands. 

As the recent report titled as 'Cyclone Sagar Impact and Needs Assessment Report' published jointly by Save the Children International, Food Security Cluster Hargeisa, and Somaliland National Disaster Preparedness and Food Reserve Authority (NADFOR) on the impact of Cyclone shows that 53 people and 376,425 domesticated animals including goats, sheep, camel, cattle and donkeys were killed. Furthermore, the report indicates that 168,000 people are in need of urgent food and shelter assistance. Please click here to access the full impact assessment report. 

PENHA as part of the Food Security Cluster was participated in assessment. The Cluster also includes SCI, WVI, NRC, IFRC, DRC, Islamic Relief, Action Aid, and Care International.

Photo credit: Mohammed Yusuf (for the first photo)