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Ethiopia publishes its national strategy on Prosopis

The Ethiopian Government has issued its new national strategy on Prosopis in January 2017 after having consecutive consultation and stakeholder engagements. In bringing the regional dimension of the Prosopis agenda in the Horn of Africa, PENHA in partnership with IFAD and other national organisations both NGOs and private sector had played key role in organising a regional conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in November 2014. Such policy dialogues and discussions were expected to have inputs to the new strategy as all the stakeholders of Prosopis in the country as well as expertise from Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and the UK were participants in the regional conference with the aim of devising alternative policy options. To find PENHA conference details click here

To access the new national Prosopis strategy of Ethiopia click here

Photo credit: PENHA Prosopis in Gash Riverine areas 2013