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If Not Counted Does Not Count?

The substantial value of pastoral systems remains largely invisible to local, national and regional calculations of economic performance (for example the construction of GDP). Official data continue to be used even when their reliability is known to be poor. A complementary framework in cost-benefit analysis, known as Total Economic Valuation (TEV), is increasingly being used by NGOs and regional bodies to help put onto the map the many aspects of economic value contributed by pastoral systems– contributions that are presently not counted. This Issue Paper provides a practical tool for those interested in carrying out work on the TEV of pastoralism.

Summary 4

1 Introduction 6

2 Pastoral TEV coming of age 8
   TEV: Where From? 9
   TEV with pastoralism 10
   How far so far? 11

3 The building blocks 17
   Direct and indirect values of pastoralism 18
   Successes and gaps 18

4 How to and what next 25
   A strategy for pastoral TEV 26
   Recognising value: the language issue 27
   Demonstrating value: options for researchers 29
   Capturing value: pastoral TEV for whom? 30

Annex 1. Methods and parameters to calculate
pastoral TEV 31
References 46

The full paper can be downloaded here (2,177 kb)