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Invitation: Nomadic Education in the Horn of Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

There have been a number of initiatives to provide education to nomadic pastoralist children in the Greater Horn of Africa. The various outcomes depend on the national state policies on education. Many of such well-intended state led interventions have been small scale, ineffective and unsustainable. Moreover, there is evidence that some interventions have been successful at least in the pilot phases but deemed to fail once the piloting ended. Such projects include mobile schooling, distance education including radio broadcasting, residential/boarding schools, feeding schools. Mobile-learning (m-learning) - which is the delivery of education using mobile technology - has been developed in some parts of the Horn, especially in Kenya. Therefore, the question is how we can provide an educational system that fits the needs and aspirations of pastoralist communities and their children’s right-to-education as citizens of the various countries in the Greater Horn.

Please join us for the consultative workshop on. This event will highlight first hand experiences from experts in the field.

Speakers: Mesghina Abraha & Abdurazak Sherif Mohammed

Panelists: Prof. Jeremy Swift, Dr. Angela Raven-Roberts, Diana Bosch and Dr. Zeremariam Fre

Moderator: Dr. Laura Hammond


Thu 8 June 2017

14:00 – 18:30 BST


SOAS, University of London

Room B104

Russel Square, Bloomsbury



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