Patron -  Joanna Lumley, OBE

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Pastoralism: past perspectives and future policy

An all-day conference on new challenges faced by pastoralists in the Horn of Africa, from the impacts of climate change to managing relationships with the private sector.

Session 1 Putting pastoralism on the political map.

This panel session will look at how pastoralism has become a mainstream issue and examine present opportunities and challenges in the political arena.

Session 2 Evolution of the pastoral economy.

Speakers will give their predictions on key economic trends for the next twenty-five years, covering a range of topics, from private links to the pastoral economy.

Session 3 Pastoralism and the environment: adapting to shocks.

This session will be conversational in format and more informal than a standard conference panel session. The discussion will consider issues relating to climate, resilience, managing the rangelands and responding to emergencies.

Session 4 Pastoralism into the future: looking ahead to the next 25 years.

This session will look at: paradigms of pastoralism, youth, education, women, the changing face of pastoral civil society and the role for actors such as PENHA. Speakers will also reflect on the day's proceedings and draw out key themes that have emerged.