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Pastoralist Knowledge Hub is launched by the FAO

The Hub

is the first comprehensive initiative bringing pastoralists and international actors together to integrate pastoralist concerns into international policy dialogue.
Who and why?
Several 100 million pastoralists produce food and provide essential ecosystem services, but are often misunderstood, marginalized and excluded from dialogue.
The Hub is an initiative coordinated by FAO enabling pastoralists to voice their concerns to the international community.
The aim is to establish a mechanism – transparent, inclusive and democratic – to nominate pastoral representatives to global forums such as the Committee on World Food Security.
The pillars
The Hub hosts a knowledge repository, contacts to pastoral networks, and discussion forums for the networks and partnering institutions.
Regions and topics
The Hub organizes pastoral meetings in Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Near East and Europe to discuss food sovereignty, land tenure, environmental issues, pastoral culture and organization.
Partners support the Hub’s objective. They can share their resources, access and consult with pastoral networks as well as showcase their own workralist on pastoralism.
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