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PENHA Appoints Interim Director

Over the last five years, PENHA has been engaging in a strategic repositioning process. See the note below from the Chair of the Trustees:

Dear colleagues
I am delighted to inform you on behalf of the PENHA Board  that Bereket Tsegay has been appointed as the organisation’s new Interim Director.

Bereket is of course taking over after twenty-seven years of service in the position by Dr Zeremariam Fre. Zere, of course, provided the inspiration for PENHA and was the driving force for so many years and his contribution can never be underestimated. However, it is incredibly important fororganisations as they mature and grow  that are not dependent on any individual. It is fantastic therefore that we are welcoming someone of Bereket’s capabilities into the role. He has committed to taking on the role for the next year. In doing so I know he will offer a huge amount to the organisation. He brings continuity having been engaged in one way or another for some seven years now. He is a very reliable administrator but also a man of ideas and intellect rooted in and  committed to the Horn of Africa. So he offers new ideas, drive and commitment.  PENHA always has been and will remain an entity that is built on the work of many. This message goes out to those of us who are most closely involved in this undertaking and also to the wider supporter base. I know we are all wholeheartedly committed supporting this exciting but also challenging new phase of the organisation’s life and I would like to invite you all to join me in welcoming Bereket into the role.

Many thanks

John Plastow
Chair, PENHA Trustees