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SPIDA: Mid-term Review Retreat and Planning Workshop Conducted

In reflection of the SPIDA research activities carried out during the Year I and in accordance with the details of the research grant application, conducing a mid-term review workshop among the project consortium members was critical in light of assessing the achievements made and the challenges faced, and also reviewing planned Year II activities and its expected outcomes. This includes, among others, analysing stakeholder partnership development and making the necessary adjustment in light of the new circumstance occurring in the targeted area and project implementation progresses.

Agro-Forestry & Environmental Management Study Visit to Ethiopia

PENHA and Ethio-Feed Plc, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Environment & Forest Research Institute, organised a study trip to Ethiopia for the Ministry of Environment & Rural Development (MoERD) of Somaliland during August-September 2016.

Control and utilization of Prosopis juliflora: Ideas into action

PENHA in collaboration with partners held a workshop titled as 'Control and utilization of Prosopis juliflora: Ideas into action' in Mansoor Hotel, Hargeisa, Somaliland on 29 May 2016. A brief report follows.

PENHA to Participate in the AU Pastoralism Policy Dialogue

Sadia Musse Ahmed, PENHA Country Representative in Somaliland is invited to participate in a Policy Dialogue Session and Capacity Building of Pastoral Groups and Networks for the Operationalisation of the AU Policy Framework on Pastoralism, scheduled to take place in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on 29th June to 01st July 2016.

PENHA representative at African Union meeting on Pastoralism

Sadia Ahmed, PENHA representative in Somaliland, has been invited to a Workshop on policy  to strengthen the capacity of pastoralists networks and organizations in relation to drought in Africa. The meeting is taking place in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso at the end of June 2016. The objectives of the meeting are to increase investment and co-operation.

Book Chapter Published

PENHA staff Dr. Zeremariam Fre and Bereket Tsegay have contributed a chapter to the newsly published book titled as 'PUTTING KNOWLEDGE TO WORK: From Knowledge Transfer to Knowledge Exchange'. The book is published by the African World Press. 

Walking for PENHA in East London

A group of ten PENHA supporters successfully completed the annual PENHA fundraising walk which this year took place around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday 21st May 2016. The main objective for this, the eighth, walk in the London area was to generate support for the work PENHA is doing for the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in the Horn of Africa. 

Lukenya Pastoralist Declaration, Kenya

Pastoralists across Eastern and Southern Africa face a long list of threats: conflicts and violence, blocked migration routes, the expansion of farming into the best grazing areas, a lack of services such as schools and health care. Now the region’s herders are getting organized to deal with these issues. A group of over twenty organizations from eight countries have agreed to work together to press for recognition for herders’ contribution to the economy and society.

Research update: Social Protection in the Afar Region of Ethiopia

The SPIDA research project produces an update on the progress made with the activities and the following brief article summarises the recent tasks carried out by the team. 

PENHA attends a Japanese international workshop on humanitarian aid to pastoralists.

Dr. Tafesse Mesfin, one of PENHA's long standing trustees from Ethiopia attended this important workshop on the provision of humanitarian aid to pastoralists in East Africa. This meeting was held in Schizuoka and was organized by the Japanese Centre for Global Studies.