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PENHA Silver Jubilee Anniversary Celebration Launched

The Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa (PENHA) launched its year long 25th anniversary celebration at Haikan Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It did so with longstanding supporters, partners from Ethiopia, Sudan and Somaliland, trustees and staff on Saturday evening on November 29th 2014. 

PENHA was founded in 1989 in London. It has been the forefront organization in ensuring that governments and other development actors see pastoralism and environmental issues as the key components in promoting growth at local, national and regional levels. 

At the celebration launch event, Dr. Zeremariam Fre, PENHA's Director and its founder explained the organizational path PENHA followed against all the odds. PENHA has achieved its successes through the continuous support it secured from the individual networks it cultivated throughout its life. He paid tribute to some of the founding members such as Prof. Abusin and Prof. Seyoum GebreSelassie who were no longer with us.

Dr. Tafesse Mesfin, PENHA Ethiopia trustee emphasized PENHA’s role at the beginning of 1990s in generating awareness among the policy makers and civil servants on the issue of pastoralism in Ethiopia. Dr. Tafesse added that PENHA was the model for all the organizations that are working now on the issue as it was the only lead organization in the Horn region. 

Jemjem Udessa, Director of DUBAF, reflected on PENHA through his own personal experience. He said that PENHA has started the struggle for ensuring the rights of the pastoral communities 25 years ago when he was still in the bush with his livestock. 

This event was held at a very important stage when PENHA is assessing its achievements and its challenges, and is finalizing a new five-year strategic plan process (2015 – 2019).  The strategy paper reflects the new emerging trends and challenges to the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities of the Horn of Africa.

The event was commemorated with traditional food and dancing, slide shows, handicraft exhibition and posters. 
The year long 25th anniversary celebration will continue to be held by PENHA's chapters in the Horn of Africa including Sudan, Somaliland, Uganda as well as in the UK. The year long programme of celebration will be shared with all our supporters and partners in 2015.