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Preparing animal feed for pastoralists in Eastern Sudan

This course is part of a project to confront the problems caused by the shrub, Prosopis Juliflora (known locally as muskit). In the Kassala state, this is invading agricultural schemes and the banks of the Algash and is seen as a curse. At the same time, there is an increasing need for means of providing feed for animals such as camels and cattle because many of the traditional migration routes to pastures are no longer available.

The course was run in co-operation with the Animal Production Centre and the Pastoralist Environment Association Kassala State, with the support of the International Fund for Agricultural Development and took place in Kassala city.

The course covered the following subjects:

  1. What resources, including Prosopis pods, are available in Sudan for use as animal feed.
  2. Controlling Prosopis and making use of it for fire wood, making charcoal, building shelters as well as animal feed. This is to be done by eradicating it in agricultural areas and inside the city by replacing it by other local plants.
  3. The need for policy makers to develop ways to deal with the invasion of Prosopis.
  4. The formation of a forum for local leaders to come together to deal  with issues such as muskit and the challenges of keeping livestock.

A total of twenty five people, of whom seven were women, from a range of communities around Kassala State – and included a woman who was a member of state Legislative Council. The course comprised of both lectures covering the subjects above as well as the practical production of feed.