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Robust Media: Inevitable in Tackling Food Insecurity

PENHA in partnership with Participants from Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) of Oxford Brookes University  held a media workshop on food security in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) context on 4th December 2013.

The workshop which held in Oxford aimed at devising alternative media strategies in promoting better understanding of food security in SSA through youth-centred participatory approaches. Panellists and participants discussed on people’s current perceptions of food security and the way in which these perceptions are disseminated by the media. The workshop tried to clearly point out the myths and realities of food security in the region. This is mainly to facilitate the communication in encouraging the ambition for positive change—such as promoting and implementing sustainable agriculture techniques and policies—which would be reflected throughout their future careers. Four panellists were invited from both the academia and practitioner side to combine their perspectives and angles on the issue. 

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