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Rotary Club of Berkhamsted with PENHA Uganda Supports Nomadic Children

Upon the receipt of the grant from the Rotary Club of Berkhamsted, PENHA has been working with the communities and consulting on the priorities they have in using the donated fund. Based on their discussion they agreed to invest the money on the support of the school infrastructure which can bring a long-term contribution to the children around the Kanyaryeru communities.

PENHA, with an education Fund from Rotary Club of Berkhamsted, donated 10 benches and 10 chairs to Kaku Primary School. The 3 seater benches will benefit 30 pupils from the lower section of the school and the chairs will benefit the school teachers. The benches will serve the school for the next 10 years which will benefit for a total of 300 students where the chairs will be used by 10 teachers daily. That is, 10 teachers are expected serve the school for 10 years. The donation is very critical in improving both the facilities and teaching capacity of the school. 

The small ceremony was held at the school compound which was attended by the following; Pupils, School management Committee chairman, Parents Teachers Association representatives, Staff members of Kaku Primary school, Sub county leaders (elected leaders), Kanyaryeru , Sub county chief (civil servants), Kanyaryeru, Parents (Rwendama women’s group members inclusive) and PENHA Focal Point Person in Uganda (Elizabeth Katushabe).

The master of ceremony was the sub county chief of Kanyaryeru subcounty; Mr. Bright Nuwamanya; He welcomed everyone for coming to witness the handover of the donation. He thanked the leaders of the sub county and the school management. He thanked PENHA along the Rotary Club, through Elizabeth, for the continuous support to the community of Kanyaryeru.

The Headmistress, Ms. Brenda Nassazi welcomed those present. She thanked everyone for coming to this small but important ceremony. She thanked specially the Guest of Honour (EK) and her organization PENHA and the Rotary Club for the very kind gesture of donating chairs and benches to the school. She added that this was a very big boost!

School Management Committee Chairman, Mr. Abel Matsiko, welcomed everyone. Thanked Elizabeth for fulfilling the promise of delivering the items donated by PENHA and the Rotary Club. Briefly explained to the pupils about the benches and chairs. He called upon pupils to read hard, thanked the teachers for the commitment and thanked PENHA and Rotary Club for the good work and for loving Akaku parish.

Elizabeth Katushabe (PENHA Focal Point Person); She welcomed everyone present and thanked God for the children (pupils) and the parents for bringing the children to school. She thanked the headmistress, staff, school management and parents of Kaku primary school. Thanked the government for the peaceful political environment that has allowed the pastoralists children to access education. She also thanked the leaders of the Sub County and especially Akaku parish. She thanked PENHA for the work being done for pastoralists and agro pastoralists in Uganda. She briefly explained how PENHA collaborated with Vanessa Champion, a Photojournalist in the Uganda, and how the visit resulted into a fundraise for the pastoralists’ children and thus the donation from the Rotary Club of Berkhamsted.

She thanked the Rwendama women’s group for the hard work and for their role in the donation for Kaku primary school (during Vanessa’s visit, the women had urged her to support the education of their children). Finally, Elizabeth handed over the pupils’ benches and teachers’ chairs to the pupils, teachers, leaders and all the parents present.

Flavia Nuwabiine (a parent, and Secretary for Rwendama Women’s group) on behalf of the community, thanked Elizabeth for delivering the donation for the school from PENHA and Rotary Club. She noted that this was not the first donation from PENHA and its partners since there have been several donations like scholastic materials, sewing machines, goats, cream separator and many others. She thanked PENHA for the continued support to Akaku parish more especially to Rwendama women’s group.

Report on the handling ceremoney produced by Elizabeth Katushabe

PENHA Uganda Focal Point Person

Kampala, Uganda July 2018