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SPIDA Conference: Social Protection as a pathway for inclusive development


SPIDA Conference:

Social Protection as a pathway for inclusive development among the pastoral and agro-pastoralism communities in Africa

November 25 & 26 2017, Adigrat University, Adigrat, Tigrai, Ethiopia

Organised by SPIDA Consortium Members:
Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London (UCL)
Pastoral & Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa (PENHA)
Adigrat University, Ethiopia

in collaboration with
Samara University, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia

SPIDA is supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

The Social Protection for Inclusive Development in Afar (SPIDA) is a research project supported by NWO in the Netherlands and it focuses on the implementation and impact of- PSNP with specific reference to the Afar regional state. It aims to analyse the program’s contribution to poverty reduction and food security, enhance social services, identify implementation difficulties, and assess the overall socio-economic situation of the Afar Region, so as to complement a smooth execution of the program among the Afar pastoral communities in Ethiopia. Among other factors, effective research is assessed by its ability to communicate its results to stakeholders and create a policy debate and its contribution to fine-tuning the on-going effect of government policy and its role in developing a better alternative approach. Given SPIDA’s focus on pastoralists and agro-pastoralists, highly featured by persistent and consecutive droughts, including that of El Nino in the Afar Region, as well as the high government stakes in the policy agenda; SPIDA believes that, it is the right moment for organising a conference on social protection.

On behalf of the consortium, Adigrat University warmly invites researchers to present their research findings on the national conference that focus on the effective and impact of social protection practices and the measures being taken place in the study area with the aim of ensuring food security, poverty reduction, and equitable development among the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Ethiopia and beyond.

The themes of the conference are

  • Social Protection, Drought and Climate Change, and Green Economy
  • Social Protection for Asset Building and Understanding Poverty Dynamics
  • Social Protection and its Relevance to the Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Livelihoods
  • Social Protection and Gender Dimensions
  • Policy leakages and Institutional Frameworks: Learning from Empirics
  • Role of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Technology in advancing social protection

Deadline for Manuscript Submission (not more than 20 pages): November 15, 2017

Deadline for final Manuscript Submission: November 20, 2017

Conference costs

¨      The cost of transportation and accommodation of the authors whose paper selected and presented will be covered by SPIDA

¨      Moderate honorarium payment to papers selected for presentation

For more information about the conference, please contact:

Gabriel Temesgen, Associate researcher, Adigrat University

Tel: +251(0)923210898; Email:

Selamawit Teklu, Associate researcher, Adigrat University

Tel: +251(0)9233093334; Email:

Website: and