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Uganda: Country Consultation and Review Works Conducted

Requested by the PENHA Board of Trustees in London; the outgoing director of PENHA Dr. Zeremariam Fre has visited PENHA Uganda during November–December 2016.The main purpose of the mission was to assess the current situation of PENHA in Uganda in terms of challenges and opportunities, meet with PENHA associates, volunteers, Local Advisory Board members, selected NGOs (namely EASSI, ACORD, Makerere University and SIHA) and the NGO Bureau in Kampala.

Zeremariam held several meetings with key PENHA colleagues in Uganda, the Advisory Board members and others. He was able to compile a mission report for the Board of trustees with some key recommendations which were designed to strengthen PENHA Uganda and ensure its continuity as a viable member of the wider PENHA family in the Greater Horn Region.

The report stressed that PENHA in Uganda has a great potential in tapping from national expertise as researchers, consultants and advisors within Uganda and the wider PENHA Region. The first urgent step in realizing this would be in collaboration with our Ugandan colleagues to develop a proper roster of available experts and expertise. The report also stresses that the Advisory Board of PENHA in Uganda should be restructured and include competent individuals with relevant experience including: Natural resources, Animal health, Women and Gender studies, Grassroots Pastoralist Representative, Agri-business, Project design, planning and management.

Following the various consultations in Uganda with the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) a women focused Regional NGO who has similar objectives to PENHA’s, an agreement was reached to draft MOU between the two partners. The MoU between PENHA and SIHA has been fully discussed and signed during end of May 2017.

The Uganda mission report was presented to the PENHA trustees in London during February 2017 and has been fully endorsed.