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Where does our grocery money go?

A Christmas Gift for our planet earth and for those 870 million people go hungry every day.

At Christmas, you throw more food than at any other time of the year. The Food We Want (FWW) campaign has launched a new video spot called “Where does our grocery money go?" This short video reminds us about the excessive money spent on food during Christmas season which normally ends up in bins. FWW campaign with this video invites you to buy less to cut food waste for sustainable future and think a Charismas gift for the people go
hungry every day.

Published figures by Wrap reveal that Britons Christmas food bill is £169 per household in which 35% of it ends in bins. According to the report this Christmas, Britons will buy some 10 million turkeys, around 370 million mince pies and 25 million Christmas puddings, sip 250 million pints of beer, and open an incredible 35 million bottles of wine. In the UK food waste increases by 80% over the Christmas period, with an amazing 230,000t of food binned during the festive season.

“We simply cannot allow one-third of all the food we produce to go to waste, when 870 million people go hungry every day.” Hence the FWW campaign invites you to aim for a zero food waste Christmas as massive gift for those 870 people go hungry every day and to save our planet earth.

The video is part of the awareness campaign Food We Want promoted by PENHA.

This Project is funded by European Union.

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