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Who Calls the Shots? Adapting Traditional Land Governance in Somaliland

Pastoral rangelands are vital to Somalia’s livestock dominated economy. But where national government is weak to non-existent, conflict over access to land is rife. Traditional common property regimes are under pressure from enclosures, population growth and charcoal production. Yet even in these very challenging situations,hybrids of customary and ‘modern’ law enable pastoralist communities to assert their rights.

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The article which published by Farming Matters - Experiences in family farming and agriecology (12/2016-32.4) is contributed by PENHA Somaliland senior staff and an associate. The authors are Sadia Ahmed is country director for PENHA-Somaliland, Hargeisa, Somaliland. John Livingstone is policy and research officer, Amsale Shibeshi is regional programmes coordinator, and Nick Pasiecznik is research associate.