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Parliamentary Pastoralist Group in Uganda

Back in 1999, PENHA-Uganda participated in the inaugural meeting of Uganda’s Pastoralist Parliamentary Group (PPG), led by the then MP for Nyabushozi, Hon. Elly Karuhanga. Subsequently, PENHA provided support for the PPG, providing materials and documentation on the issues and helping the group to outline principles and develop policy stances.

In 2004, PENHA-Uganda collaborated with Natural Resources Institute (University of Greenwich) on a study of pastoralist parliamentary groups across the region. This study can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking here (360kb) The study examined the effectiveness of the PPGs in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda, and concluded that, though highly imperfect, they could be effective vehicles for advancing the interests of pastoralists and were deserving of external support, particularly if pastoralist communities were equipped with expanded access to information and the tools needed to question and prod their representatives. PENHA-Uganda continues to work with pastoral-area MPs.