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Working with Local Partners

PENHA-Uganda has provided capacity building support to a number of local agencies and continues to do so through “co-working”. PENHA-Uganda freely provides advice and information on development issues in the pastoral areas.

PENHA-Uganda has supported partners to develop proposals to different donors, including the following:

  • “Safe Water, Sanitation and Health Promotion – An Integrated Program for Sembabule” Prepared by PENHA and Sembabule Women’s Development Agency (SEWODA)
  • “Promoting Positive Policies towards Pastoralism: The Production and Dissemination of Policy and Advocacy Briefs on the Pastoral Areas of Uganda”, prepared by PENHA, Mbarara University, Center for Basic Research, Nyabushozi Development Agency and Uganda Gender Resource Centre
  • “The ‘Nkoma’ Agricultural Learning Centre: A Demonstration Farm for Participatory Training and Exchange with Resource-Poor Pastoralists in Uganda.”, prepared by PENHA and Mbarara University of Science and Technology.
  • “Integrated Health and Education Interventions in Nyabushozi, Focusing on safe water provision and AIDS Prevention”, NYDA and UNICEF

Current Local Partners

  1. Uganda Gender Resource Centre (UGRC)
  2. Sembabule Women Development Agency (SEWODA)
  3. Matheniko Development Forum (MADEFO)
  4. Nyabushozi Development Agency (NYDA)
  5. Nakasongola Pastoralists Association
  6. In addition, PENHA has a collaboration agreement with the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). We have worked with the University in research on the improvement of pastures and the improvement of pastoralists livelihoods.