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Women in Isalm Journal

Women in Islam explores the complexities of gender relations in Muslim communities in the Horn of Africa and beyond. It engages critically with the conflicting perceptions of Islam in relation to women's human rights and equality. The journal is devoted to providing a space for Muslims and non-Muslims from all walks of life to discuss social, political and cultural challenges associated with the intersection of Islamic religion and gender. It aims to promote alternative, progressive readings of Islamic traditions and texts on the topics of gender equality and justice. Gathering an eclectic selection of essays, academic papers, opinion pieces and personal narratives punctuated with poetry, art and caricatures, the journal seeks to spark creative and forward-looking discussions on how to effectively improve the status of women in Islam. It is published by the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA), a regional network of women's and civil society organisations.


The Women in Isalm Journal is available in English and Arabic throughout Africa and Europe. For distribution to UK and Europe you can buy from PENHA. We aren't yet started sending the journal to areas outside of Europe. Once we started sending to other continents we will update this section of the website. Usually we dispatch orders within two working days. 

You can put your order for the purchase of the copy of the journal by paying the total amount (journal price X number of copies and postage expenses) to PENHA Bank Account: 

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Journal unit price : £10

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SIHA Journal Women in Islam: Issue 01/2014

SIHA Journal Women in Islam: Issue 02/2015

SIHA Journal Women in Islam Issue 3/2017 (English)

SIHA Journal: Women in Islam Issue 3/2017 (Arabic)