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Capacity Building

European and African MPs together support pastoralists

CELEP (the Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern Africa Pastoralism) supported an important resolution on the social and environmental impact of pastoralism in Africa.

Global Gathering of Pastoralists in Kenya

PENHA will be joining Pastoralists worldwide who are meeting to determine a common position to a range of international organisations

Parliamentary Pastoralist Group in Uganda

Back in 1999, PENHA-Uganda participated in the inaugural meeting of Uganda’s Pastoralist Parliamentary Group (PPG), led by the then MP for Nyabushozi, Hon. Elly Karuhanga. Subsequently, PENHA provided support for the PPG, providing materials and documentation on the issues and helping the group to...

Sustainable Employment & Economic Development

While pastoralism remains the backbone of Somaliland’s economy, accounting for a large share of both employment and exports, pastoral livelihoods are coming under increasing strain. Factors include population growth (outstripping sluggish economic growth), recurrent and severe droughts, and the...

African Partnership Workshop

The workshop aimed to address the critical issues facing pastoralists in Uganda, which are similar to those facing the millions of pastoralists in East Africa and the Horn as well as to seek ways to coordinate national and international efforts on behalf of pastoralists. PENHA being a regional NGO...

Advocacy in the Horn of Africa

Advocacy in the Horn of Africa Khartoum July 2007

Economic empowerment of pastoral women

The Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme, WEEP. This programme was funded by the Danish International Development Authority (Danida) for a period of three years, working with women’s groups in the “Cattle Corridor” of western Uganda, Kassala State in eastern Sudan and in three districts in...


Working with Local Partners PENHA-Uganda has provided capacity building support to a number of local agencies and continues to do so through “co-working”. PENHA-Uganda freely provides advice and information on development issues in the pastoral areas. PENHA-Uganda has supported partners to develop...

The Ankole Long-Horned Cattle of Uganda

With financial support from HIVOS (the Netherlands), PENHA-Uganda in collaboration with the League for Pastoral Peoples and Indigenous Livestock Development (LPP) and the Local Livestock for Empowerment of Rural People (LIFE) Network, carried out a study documenting the situation with respect to...

Conflict analysis and prevention

Conflict Mapping and Analysis in Uganda  In December 2008, PENHA on behalf of the RBC (Resource Based Conflict) Management Network organised a three day training on Conflict Analysis and Mapping in Kasese District.