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Education & training

Prosopis as Animal feed

Community-based Fodder Production in Western Eritrea

Food Security and Climate Change

Research on Prosopis Juliflora

Nomadic Services

PENHA currently has an education project in Kassala in Eastern Sudan which is developing a relevant curriculum.

Environmental and Resource Management

The environment that pastoralists in habited in the Horn of Africa are basic to their way of life.


PENHA sees itself as an educational and research institute with its mission to reduce poverty among the pastoralists in the Horn of Africa through the empowerment of communities and to foster sustainable and dignified livestock-based and non-livestock-based livelihoods. The research is an essential...

What we do

Capacity Building We deliver training, organisational development and empowerment of the pastoralist communities at country and regional levels. We also focus on capacity building for communities, civil society organisations and local ministries. Advocacy