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Exotic Goats for Pastoralist Women’s Groups

This programme, which started in June 2003 and continues until today, is based at Nkoma Farm, Central Uganda. PENHA has established a goat breeding centre there which enables the distribution of high quality cross-bred goats to women’s groups in several districts.

Sustainable Employment & Economic Development

While pastoralism remains the backbone of Somaliland’s economy, accounting for a large share of both employment and exports, pastoral livelihoods are coming under increasing strain. Factors include population growth (outstripping sluggish economic growth), recurrent and severe droughts, and the...

Declaration on Gender Issues

From its foundation, PENHA has seen the importance of gender as an issue in pastoralist society in the Horn of Africa. The first major initiative was an international conference on "Gender and Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa" which was held in London in February 1991. It was an attempt to...

Conference on Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa

Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa: Surviving Against All Odds September 2005, London

Economic empowerment of pastoral women

The Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme, WEEP. This programme was funded by the Danish International Development Authority (Danida) for a period of three years, working with women’s groups in the “Cattle Corridor” of western Uganda, Kassala State in eastern Sudan and in three districts in...

Agricultural Learning Centre

Nkoma Farm – Agricultural Learning Centre

Women's Economic Empowerment

Programme: The aim is to empower pastoralist women economically by training them in business skills and increasing their access t

Prosopis as Animal Feed

Animal fodder training for women in the Khashm El Ghirba region of Kassala State (2011)

Economic Empowerment of Women

This project aims to empower women in pastoralist communities who are disadvantaged and living under difficult socio-economic conditions in arid and semi-arid areas.