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  • PENHA to attend in the AU Consultation on Pastoralism

    Sadia Ahmed and Elizabeth Katushabe to represent PENHA at the African Union Consultation on Pastoralism.

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  • PENHA walkers in the Lee Valley

    Join or Support PENHA's sponsored walk in the Lee Valley Park

    A dozen PENHA supporters did the 10 kms in the Lee Valley.

    You can still support pastoralist in Africa here

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  • The call for joint work

    Thursday June 5th 2014 was the the 'World Environment Day' where we were being called for creating a sustainable globe through joint effort. 

    World Environment Day
  • Ugandan women’s group leader

    Now we thank PENHA very, very, very, very, very much because ...

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Eastern Sudan

We work with local and international partners on the following thematic areas:

Women Empowerment & Gender Equality We work with partners to empower women and help to change attitudes to women’s participation in the economy and in public life.

Food Security and Climate Change We improve the livelihoods of the pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities by providing them with technical skills in making use of locally available plants such as Prosopis as animal feed in the region.

Pastoral Environmental and Resource Management We provide training programmes and workshops and do research on the use of resources in pastoral areas

Nomadic services We deliver projects to support basic education and health for women and Pastoralist children. 

Conflict analysis and prevention in collaboration with local and international partners we deliver training, do research and run workshops to address resource based conflict in the region.

Food We Want We take part in this EU funded campaign to inform, raise awareness and lobby in the UK and Africa to promote small-scale family farming and sustainable agri-food systems as a key solution to tackling hunger and poverty.


Conference Postponed - Due to circumstances beyond the organisers' control, they had to postpone the Pastoralists' meeting formerly scheduled to be held in Kampala during the end of August. The new dates will be posted soon.

PENHA's Country Representative for Somaliland with the Project Officer for Uganda have been invited to a Policy Dialogue Session and Capacity Building of Pastor Groups and Network. The meeting is taking place in Kampala, Uganda towards the end of August. The aim is to operationlize the African Union's Policy Framework on Pastoralism.

PENHA has been importing a number of South African Boer goats to cross breed with local Ugandan goats. This produce goats with more meat which are more valuable. Women's groups are helped to with these cross breeds.

The Rotary Club of Grantham Kesteven donated ten boxes to PENHA Somaliland for pastoralists and agro-pastoralists - to be used by carpenters, tailors or teachers.

PENHA's Sixth fundraising 10 km walk was in the Lee Valley in June. A group of twelve people, from PENHA and from the Brentwood United Reformed Church completed the course on a beautiful summer day. It has raised (with GiftAid) a little over £800. You can still sponsor us via

The Spring 2014 magazine "Practical Sheep, Goats and Alpacas" ( contained a report about the large part that Goats play in Uganda and the way in which women involved.


We collaborate closely with Pastoralist and agro-pastoralist groups in the Horn and work together towards addressing the social and economic marginalization of pastoralists.

We focus on capacity building for pastoralist communities and advocate for pastoralist livelihoods as a sustainable and productive way life.

Our main tool for influencing policy towards pastoralism and the design of development programmes is action-oriented research. We value indigenous knowledge and practices and African perspectives on African contemporary Issues.

We implement projects at ground via creating and strengthening genuine partnerships and promote gender-sensitive participatory approach

Consultancy Work – for governments, international organizations, regional organizations and universities and research centres. 

PENHA believes in strong and geniune partnership and networking  and engaged with regional and global organisastions where it showed its support. For instance, PENHA is one of the signatories of the the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) treaty. 

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