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  • John Plastow Visits Somaliland

    John Plastow of CARE International, the Chair of PENHA’s UK Board of Trustees, visited the PENHA-Somaliland office in Hargeisa.

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  • Prosopis Regional Conference Proceedings Published

    The proceedings for the Prosopis Regional Conference organised by PENHA in partnership with IFAD, UCL and EAPDA is published.

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  • Somali Investment Forum: Returning Capital for Growth

    Sadia Ahmed, PENHA's Representative in Somaliland, is attending the Forum.

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  • Ethio-Feed Regional Exchange for Improved Animal Productivity

    PENHA with its partners has organised a very successful regional exchange programme at the Ethio-Feed Ltd, Adama, Ethiopia.

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We work with local and international partners on the following thematic areas:

Women Empowerment & Gender Equality We work with partners to empower women and help to change attitudes to women’s participation in the economy and in public life.

Food Security and Climate Change We improve the livelihoods of the pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities by providing them with technical skills in making use of locally available plants such as Prosopis as animal feed in the region.

Pastoral Environmental and Resource Management We provide training programmes and workshops and do research on the use of resources in pastoral areas

Nomadic services We deliver projects to support basic education and health for women and Pastoralist children. 

Conflict analysis and prevention in collaboration with local and international partners we deliver training, do research and run workshops to address resource based conflict in the region.

Food We Want We take part in this EU funded campaign to inform, raise awareness and lobby in the UK and Africa to promote small-scale family farming and sustainable agri-food systems as a key solution to tackling hunger and poverty.

We collaborate closely with Pastoralist and agro-pastoralist groups in the Horn and work together towards addressing the social and economic marginalization of pastoralists.

We focus on capacity building for pastoralist communities and advocate for pastoralist livelihoods as a sustainable and productive way life.

Our main tool for influencing policy towards pastoralism and the design of development programmes is action-oriented research. We value indigenous knowledge and practices and African perspectives on African contemporary Issues.

We implement projects at ground via creating and strengthening genuine partnerships and promote gender-sensitive participatory approach

Consultancy Work – for governments, international organizations, regional organizations and universities and research centres. 

PENHA believes in strong and geniune partnership and networking  and engaged with regional and global organisastions where it showed its support. For instance, PENHA is one of the signatories of the the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) treaty. 

Eastern Sudan

Celebrating PENHA’s 25 years

10.30 Saturday 27th. June

Support our Anniversary Thames walk
from Putney Station

PENHA helps pastoralists in the Horn of Africa to help themselves. It needs your support and your money to do this.

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The Hub

is the first comprehensive initiative bringing pastoralists and international actors together to integrate pastoralist concerns into international policy dialogue.
Who and why?
Several 100 million pastoralists produce food and provide essential ecosystem services, but are often misunderstood, marginalized and excluded from dialogue.
The Hub is an initiative coordinated by FAO enabling pastoralists to voice their concerns to the international community.

John Plastow of CARE International, the Chair of PENHA's Board of Trustees, visited the PENHA-Somaliland office in Hargeisa. John met staff, talked about programmes and exchanged ideas. Over several intensive days during mid March 2015, John also conducted meetings and field visits with CARE’s Somaliland staff. Their work includes support for girls’ education and strengthening livelihoods.

This handbook has been produced for journalists and other media practitioners as a quick reference guide on pastoralism. It provides summarised yet critical information intended to enable quicker understanding of the subject, especially for those involved in disseminating information through the mass media. Its purpose is to provide information that the media may use to influence perceptions, policies and practices on pastoralism among policy makers and the general public. The handbook has been compiled through a review of literature on pastoralism at national, regional and global levels.

The proceeding for the PENHA Prosopis Regional Conference held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during the end of November 2014 is published. To access the document, please click the link:



PENHA is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. To reflect on PENHA's 25 years’ experience of African Pastoralism and to draw lessons for the future we are organizing a two day event in London where its founding conference was held. PENHA hopes to use this event to create a wider global solidarity and awareness about the fate of pastoral peoples in the Horn of Africa by highlighting the challenges they are facing and the opportunities which are available to them to be masters of their own destiny.

PENHA marked the precise date of its foundation in Ethiopia on 30th. November 2014, when it celebrated its successes over the last two and a half decades, reflected on the challenges it has faced, and discussed its future direction in the region and globally.

The London event will consist of two main activities.

 Friday October 2nd, 2015: Presentation of formal papers covering the following:

  •     To create a forum for knowledge exchange.
  •     To reflect on the last 25 years of PENHA’s work
  •     To share pastoral development experiences and opportunities from Asia and the Middle East.
  •     To consider, in light of the above, new directions for PENHA in the 21st century,
  •     To strengthen networking & partnerships by creating stronger ties between PENHA and the global actors/partners on pastoralism in Africa.

Saturday October 3rd, 2015 Celebrating PENHA in the Horn of Africa:

  •     Present a brief history of PENHA with simple messages about what PENHA does and showcasing its work as an African organization.
  •     Photographic exhibition showing PENHA in action over the last 25 years.
  •     Visual art exhibition and sale of products from Africa and other pastoral regions of the world.
  •     Performing arts, including poetry, storytelling and music from the Horn of Africa.
  •     Traditional food from the countries of the Horn of Africa.
  •     Engage second generation Horn youth and communities in the UK and encourage them to contribute to PENHA’s work.

For more information about these events please email to To register your interest to attend in person, please contact Tesfaldet  ( or Call 07932767610


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