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PENHA looks for two new trustees 2020

PENHA Board of Trustees Trustee Vacancies 2020

PENHA Launches its New Strategy 2020-25

PENHA launches its new strategy 2020-25 under the title of 'Building Sustainable Futures

Volunteer Job Advert: Finance officer and accountant

1. Overiew The Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa (PENHA) is an African led Regional organization committed to the development of pastoral peoples through partnership with the pastoral communities in the Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia Uganda and Somaliland. PENHA has its...

PENHA becomes Somaliland NGO Consortium Advisory Board member

Effective from 24th October 2019, PENHA becomes Somaliland NGO Consortium Advisory Board member. As the recent announcement from the Consortium indicated, a total of six national and international NGOs were elected and endorsed to represent the NGO community in Somaliland. Their board membership...

Reducing Refugees Barriers in Kent

PENHA, under its UK Youth Programme, continuing its support to the asylum seekers and refugees in Kent has secured almost 10K grant for its 'Reducing Refugees Barriers in Kent' project from the National Lottery. The project aims to provide intensive mentorship and career development for 500 young...

Job Advert: International Programme Coordinator (IPC)

Job title: International Programme Coordinator (IPC) 

Announcing our new Board Chair and Treasurer

Dear PENHA Staff and Associates, I am pleased to announce that the PENHA Board of Trustees elected Dr. Lulsegged Abebe as Board Chair and Dr. Zeremariam Fre as Treasurer, and appointed Mr. Bereket Tsegay as Company Secretary during the AGM held on Monday 10th September 2018.

Dr. Fre's Interview with ABC Australia on Pastoral Livelihoods Dynamism in Africa

Dr Zeremariam Fre has been a prominent figure and highly influential academic, civil society leader and development practitioner on pastoralism and environmental management over the past three decades. He has been a passionate and committed spokesperson for marginalised pastoralists in Eritrea,...