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African Biodiversity Network focuses on PASTORALISM

Pastoralism as a concept continues to be misunderstood; with pastoralists oft en being on the receiving end of government marginalisation and harassment. In part, this has to do with the fact that governments, more so, central governments, are often populated and ran by people having a sedentary background – think of the desk-bound official raised in a farming community.

Strengthening Women’s Participation in Politics: Campaign Skills Training Workshop Successfully Delivered

PENHA with support with the UNDEF (The United Nations Democracy Fund) has successfully conducted a workshop titled as 'Strengthening Women’s Participation in Politics: Campaign Skills Training' from 14th to 15th of March, 2018 in Ambassador Hotel, Hargeisa, Somaliland. 

Seawater Greenhouse reaps first harvest: Somaliland Press reports

A ground-breaking project to grow vegetables with seawater has produced its first harvest in Somaliland, green tech start-up Seawater Greenhouse announced today.

Conference Brief Report: Social Protection as Pathway for Inclusive Development

Adigrat University (ADU) of Ethiopia, the Development Planning Unit of the University College London (UCL) and the Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa (PENHA) in collaboration with Samara University of the Afar Regional State in Ethiopia, had successfully organized a national conference titled as ‘Social Protection as a pathway for inclusive development among the pastoral and agro-pastoralist communities in Africa’ in Agamos Hotel, Adigrat on November 25th and 26th 2017. 

PENHA awarded a Big Lottery Fund to support Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Kent, UK

PENHA, for its UK Youth Development Programme, has secured financial support from the National Lottery Awards for All grant for its project ‘Responding to the Needs of Young East African Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Kent, Eastern England’.

Supporting communities in Somaliland to “make garanwaa make money”

A new PENHA programme in Somaliland funded by FAO started in June 2017. It is now having positive impacts on livelihoods through direct employment, and it will offer long term opportunities by providing appropriate tools and training for the development of sustainable small businesses… and all this from making use of the ‘useless’ and weedy garanwaa (prosopis) tree…? How is that possible?

SPIDA Conference: Social Protection as a pathway for inclusive development


SPIDA Conference:

Social Protection as a pathway for inclusive development among the pastoral and agro-pastoralism communities in Africa

November 25 & 26 2017, Adigrat University, Adigrat, Tigrai, Ethiopia

PENHA represented at the CFS44 Side-event

PENHA was represented by Sadia Ahmed, PENHA Somaliland Country Representative at the Committee on World Food Security which promotes 'Making a Difference in food Security and Nurtrition' - CFS44 Side Event of 'Women's Empowerment for Better Resiliance in Pastoral Communities' in Rome, Italy. The following note is extracted from the document produced by the side-event orgnisers:

Sustainable Intensification of Food Production in the Horn of Africa

By 2050 global agricultural output will need to increase by 60% on current levels to meet demand for food. Agricultural output on such a scale will put an increased strain on resources such as water. Lack of fresh water supply for agriculture is becoming an acute problem. Arid regions such as the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, and the Horn of Africa have long faced problems with water scarcity in agriculture.


As part of expanding its network, knowledge sharing and getting higher visibility among the charitable and development actors in the UK and globally, PENHA has joined the BOND Network.

As members of BOND, we can benefit from the network of over 450 UK's International development and humanitarian organisations in terms of knowledge sharing, getting up to date development related news, building up partnership and more.